Lived Experience Accredited Facilitator & Speaker Programme

The programme welcomes those who wish to develop their skills and behaviours when sharing their personal story. This programme will give you confidence speaking in personal, social and business settings.

Co-designed with lived experience and education professionals. There are two units:

Unit 1: Lived Experience Speaking
Unit 2: Lived Experience Facilitation

Course Aims

  • Knowing how to share your lived experience in a safe and supportive environment, respecting boundaries
  • Understanding the importance of a confidentiality agreement
  • Knowing how to structure content to meet the audience’s needs, whilst keeping your story at the heart of the speech
  • Exploring how to signpost and make referrals
  • Being able to confidently present to a group
  • Being able to facilitate a group

Three Empowering Pathways

  • Impactful Life Experiences (3 workshops)
  • Health & Wellbeing Awareness (1 workshop)
  • Leadership and Management (1 workshop)



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