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Join the growing network of AAL Schools

AAL Schools was launched in 2021 – welcoming a growing network of secondary schools! This includes mainstream secondary schools, Special Education schools, Pupil Referral Units and Inclusion Centres.

Our membership provides an alternative to standard GCSEs, which for some pupils may be unattainable for a variety of reasons.  Operating in partnership with OCN London, we offer your pupils flexibility for the duration of study, level and individual interests, i.e., music, cookery, drawing, horticulture and animal care.

Entry Level Units and Qualifications

Pupils can bank units, progressing from Award to Certificate to Diploma depending how long you are supporting them.  SEND pupils may benefit from the popular Entry Level 1 Award in Skills for Independence and Employability, which includes units such as Using Public Transport (Buses and Trains) to Exploring Dance, Music or Performance.

Other popular choices include, Entry Level 3 Award in Music Technology and the Entry Level 3 Award in Creative and Digital Media.

Levels 1 and 2 Qualifications

Some AAL Schools access Level 1 and 2 qualifications, such as the OCN London Level 2 Certificate in Skills for Professions in Building and Construction or Level 1 Award in Skills for Professions in Catering, Hospitality and Tourism.

Maths and English Qualifications

OCN London offer Entry Levels – Level 1 Certificates in Mathematics and English.  We’re pleased to support schools to progress their pupils to the NCFE Level 2 Certificates in Essential Everyday Life Maths and English.

Building Portfolios of Evidence

None of the qualifications require examinations.  Evidence is collated via portfolios, which can include photographs/videos, witness testimonies and observations. We encourage creativity, moving away from prescriptive methods of collecting evidence which is often unsupportive to a pupil’s unique learning journey.  Methods of assessment must be relevant to the subject, qualification size and level of learning.  The team at AAL support schools to choose the right assessment and internally quality assure the provision.

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Administrative Arrangements

Schools manage the delivery and assessment. AAL provides internal quality assurance and arranges external moderation, including the claiming of certificates for successful pupils.  We even register your pupils on the awarding organisation portals!

Networking and CPD for Teachers

Each month we welcome all AAL Schools to meet for 60-90 minutes via Zoom.  The sessions include sharing best practice, a short CPD workshop/top-tips and networking.  Attendees receive CPD certificates.

Contact us to discuss how becoming an AAL School can enhance your pupils’ unique learning journeys.

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“I am grateful to AAL for helping me choose the right curriculum for my learners. I also appreciate the guidance and support which I have been given in setting appropriate tasks for assessment.”

Simon, Director of SPM Development Services.

"AAL were very effective in helping us choose qualifications that were suitable and appropriate for our pupils. AAL understood the barriers to learning that our pupils experience and it is very helpful that they are flexible in how we collect evidence. It has been a pleasure working with AAL and we planning on continuing our partnership in years to come".

Sadaf, Assistant Head Sixth Form, TreeHouse School.

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