The Framework

Principle 1:    People & Teams
This principle explores recruitment and retention, identifying opportunities for staff to progress and analysing reasons for them leaving and absenteeism. It concentrates on retaining highly skilled staff, considering learning and development for all staff including aspiring managers.

Principle 2:    Wellbeing through Collaboration & Engagement

This principle examines how the staff voice is heard and involved in decision making processes. It encourages networking and environmental sustainability in the workplace.

Principle 3:    Strategy & Vision

This principle considers the supportive processes an organisation has to enable effective performance. It considers motivations through flexibility and innovation. Existing accreditations are built upon, with impact measurements.

Principle 4:    Wellbeing Activities, Resources and Agencies

This principle identifies how wide-ranging and inclusive your wellbeing offering is, and the impact it has on individuals. It explores how your organisation can signpost and network with external agencies. It recognises equality and celebrates diversity through inclusive practice.

Benefits of the People, Culture and Wellbeing Quality Mark

  • Up to 8 consultancy, coaching and training sessions.
  • Validation for current and prospective employees that you value their health and wellbeing.
  • An inclusive workforce who are more productive because they feel heard in a safe and supportive work environment.
  • An opportunity to identify gaps and plan for improvements by defining wellbeing business priorities, selecting appropriate initiatives and interventions.
  • An external review of digital, mental health and wellbeing strategies.
  • A detailed external report with recommendations/conditions and commendations to enhance the Employee Journey.
  • Accreditation for three years with supportive annual check-ins. 

The Process

Initial Consultation
Together we will discuss the process, fees and benefits. Exploring if this is the right time for your organisation to make a formal application. 

You will be allocated a People, Culture & Wellbeing (PCW) Practitioner to guide and coach you through the process. 

As an Employer, you will self-assess against the Framework, collating suitable documentary evidence for review.  Remember your PCW Practitioner is available for consultation. 

Review of Self-Assessment
Your PCW Practitioner will review your self-assessment and evidence, seeking clarification as required.

Employee Engagement Forums 
Your PCW Practitioner may facilitate supportive employee engagement forums to better inform the reporting output.

Feedback and Report
The PCW Practitioner will meet with HR/SLT to report back on the findings, presenting a written report. 

Accreditation Awarded 
You are awarded the People, Culture and Wellbeing Quality Mark for three years!

Annual Supportive Consultations / Check-ins
We will carry out supportive annual consultations to discuss progress on any recommendations and as an opportunity for you to tell us about exciting updates.

Awarded Organisations


“It is very important to the Science Council to focus on staff wellbeing, it is not only the right thing to do as a mark of recognition, respect and support for team members, but it also brings out the best in us. I am delighted that we have received the quality mark, as a shared acknowledgement of our approach, and a commitment to continuous improvement in how we work together in a supportive and successful way. The Science Council is proud to have been recognised for its commitment to staff wellbeing and will strive to adapt and improve based on their future needs.”

Helen Gordon, Chief Executive
Science Council

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