The People, Culture & Wellbeing Charter is the first step on the road to enhancing your employees’ wellbeing. Your teams can access regular virtual CPD on key themes, such as neurodiversity, digital wellbeing, financial wellbeing, menopause awareness and much more. Annual membership is £350.


Principle 1

Wellbeing of People and Teams

Principle 2

Wellbeing through Collaboration & Engagement

Principle 3

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Principle 4

Wellbeing Resources and Support

Our Speakers & Trainers

Annabelle Chester
Neurodiversity Speaker

I am a Business Psychologist Consultant, that has specialised in neurodiversity and inclusive leadership. I founded Neurobelle Consulting in January 2023, with the mission to change business strategy to show how employing neurodiverse individuals (or individuals with hidden disabilities) is a huge competitive advantage. Neurobelle is also on a mission to show and train how, once hired, you can get the absolute best out of neurodiverse individuals. Thus, creating a positive, engaged and happy culture and environment, for the staff to thrive. Having dyslexia, endometriosis and suspected ADHD myself, I have had a great deal of first hand lived experience of what ‘good’ looks like, and what ‘not so good’ looks like!

I have had amazing support all the way through to discrimination and adversity. I developed Neurobelle to educate and support companies around neurodiversity and inclusive leadership. I believe strongly in authenticity, inclusive leadership, an ‘I Can’ mindset, and creating spaces where happiness isn’t just a goal, it’s the everyday reality.

When your workforce invests the majority of their week working with you, why not invest in them too?

Haley White
Menopause Speaker

Haley White is a trainer, facilitator and public speaker, with a focus on workplace wellbeing training.

With a degree in Business Psychology and an MSc in Organisational Psychology, lived experience of mental health issues and having run a wellbeing centre in Greece, Haley is well placed to support organisations to become happier and more productive places to be.

She has multi-sector experience having worked across the following areas during her career:
• private
• not-for-profit
• education
• local authority
• central government
• international development

This has led to a deep understanding of organisations and the importance of mental health at work. For example, Haley has worked with the construction industry to help tackle the stigma around men’s mental health.
In 2021, Haley discovered she was perimenopausal and like a lot of women, didn’t really know what this meant. Through her exploration, she discovered there are over 6.5 million menopausal women in the UK workforce, and a staggering 900,000 of them have left their jobs due to inadequate support.
Haley realised that something needed to be done and so she created Menospace, a menopause training and consultancy organisation.
Haley is on a mission to normalise the conversations around menopause at work.

Some of the organisations Haley has worked with include NHS, Colt Technology, Wates Construction, Queen Mary University, Thames Water, BBC, Dentons Solicitors, and Mind.

Emma Waller
'Financial Wellbeing in Focus' Speaker

Emma is the founder of MoneyMinded, a highly successful financial wellbeing organisation delivering content, training and workshop delivery. She is an award-winning financial wellbeing consultant with extensive experience of supporting people to improve their financial knowledge, skills and behaviours. Emma works across private, public and voluntary sectors, designing and delivering financial wellbeing programmes for commercial clients, charities and community groups.

Most notably Emma co-authored Martin Lewis’s “Your Money Matters” book. She provides content and training for a number of national organisations including the NHS and other government departments, high street retailers and national charities.

Emma regularly delivers financial wellbeing workshops in the workplace and in community settings, she also provides support to schools and colleges, helping them embed financial education across the curriculum. Emma also has over 20 years’ experience in education, firstly as a Teacher of Economics and Business, followed by roles in Senior Leadership as Director of Learning and Assistant Principal responsible for performance and standards.

Sam Flynn
Digital Wellbeing Speaker

Having achieved a Psychology Degree and Masters in Organisational Psychology, Sam’s first business focused on designing, delivering and analysing employee engagement surveys for organisations. This soon transitioned in to a social media training business, when Sam identified a gap of effective training in the market 13 years ago. After noticing her own smartphone use dramatically increase during the pandemic, seeing the effects this had on her own wellbeing and her subsequent actions to reduce her smartphone use, Sam became passionate about digital wellbeing and the impact this can have on individual and workplace wellbeing, as well as productivity and output.

Sam works with organisations to improve their digital culture and individuals to help them maintain a positive relationship with the digital world.

Sally Beyer
'Overcoming Imposter Feelings' Speaker

Sally’s whole career is focused on helping professionals to thrive in their chosen fields. As a coach, trainer, facilitator, coach supervisor and careers consultant, she has a proven track record of designing and delivering coaching & training solutions for clients. With over twenty-eight years’ experience of supporting professionals from a wide variety of sectors (public & private) she is passionate about enabling people to thrive in all aspects of life.

Sally is an intuitive and empathic person, who will work in partnership with you as explore your next steps. A keen listener with good observational skills, her aim is to support you as you bring your very best to each training and coaching conversation, passionate about enabling you to be all you can be. She seeks to make learning fun and to brings warmth and curiosity to conversations.

Using a variety of questioning techniques, coaching tools and models, Sally will encourage you to dig deeper to shine a light on the areas you do well in and also explore aspects of your work/life you would like to keep enhancing. She is able to work at psychological depth and utilises coaching tools and research from neuroscience, emotional intelligence and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming to support you in all that you do.

Andrea Middleton
ACE Trainer

Andrea has an innate curiosity to understand how children develop socially, intellectually, physically, and spiritually, and believes passionately in supporting young people holistically to thrive in every aspect of their lives. Andrea worked for several years in primary school settings where she piloted and led nurture groups and whole-school pastoral support offerings. She supported cognitive learning in schools as a Speech, Language and Communication Specialist Assistant and offered social and emotional support as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. Andrea also works privately as a Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner utilising Homeopathic treatment alongside creative therapeutic support modalities, such as Sandplay Therapy, Clay Field Therapy, and Drawing and Talking therapy to support children, young people, and adults alike.
Andrea holds a BSc(hons) in Homeopathy, a University Certificate in Psychology and a MA Education from Edge Hill University, and as published several research papers on various aspects of nurture practice, including the necessity for wellbeing support for nurture practitioners and the importance of nurturing learning in natural spaces. Andrea most recently worked as a Lead Consultant supporting schools engaged in nurtureuk’s pilot partnership programme with Violence Reduction Units in London and Kent and published a research paper based on this work in October 2022.
Andrea is passionate about relational practice and is dedicated to supporting educational professionals to adopt more nurturing and trauma-informed approaches toward creating a more connected and peaceful world.

Mark Brooks OBE DLitt
Sector leader in men’s health, inclusion and domestic abuse.

Mark is a national policy advisor and sector leader in men’s health, inclusion and domestic abuse.

He received an OBE in 2019 and an Honorary Doctorate (University of West London) in 2023 for his work in these fields.

He currently is the national ambassador for International Men’s Day, chair of the ManKind Initiative domestic abuse charity and the Policy Advisor for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Men and Boys Issues. He is a member of the Department of Health and Social Care’s Expert Reference Group on men’s health and recently spoke at a House of Commons’ Select Committee on men’s health and accessibility. He was also the lead author on well-received reports on men’s health and male suicide.

He can support employers on a range of issues

The health challenges men face including those at work
How to embed men’s health and wellbeing support in the workplace
How to embed male diversity/inclusion/equality in the workplace

Martine Ellis
Wellbeing-Driven Productivity Expert

Martine Ellis helps individuals and organisations enhance productivity without sacrificing wellbeing, through expert-led education and training. A regular speaker at national and international events, her articles are frequently published in both online and print publications. Martine spent the latter half of her 15-year career in the further education and skills sector specialising in the professional development of fellow educators. She now extends this expertise to a wider professional audience. Martine is a Chartered Teacher with Advanced Teacher Status and a Fellow of The Society for Education and Training, recognised as a highly qualified and respected professional in her field.

CPD Sessions

Financial Wellbeing

4th June 2024, 11:00 - 12:00


Session overview:

The importance of financial wellbeing
Why organisations should be considering financial wellbeing for their employees
A showcase of 5 things that people can do now to improve their financial wellbeing
Q and A

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Session overview:

Human beings exist in a network of interacting environments, within families, communities, and in the workplace. A large body of research evidence shows that childhood experiences – both adverse and positive – within the whole of this ecology shape our physical health, mental health, and wellbeing over the life course.

Drawing from current and cutting-edge research, in this one-hour CPD session, an expert on children’s wellbeing from Hamish & Milo, will take participants through introductory concepts such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) and explore how these impact upon as adults and in the workplace.

Discussion will focus on the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership which facilitates the building of strong relationships as key to developing safe and nurturing environments within the workplace.

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In this session hosted by Haley White, you will:

Gain a better understanding of the challenges menopausal individuals face at work.
Discover effective workplace solutions to help you create a supportive and inclusive environment
Learn how to navigate the legal landscape and HR considerations surrounding menopause in the workplace.

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Digital Wellbeing

18th June 2024, 12:30 - 13:30


Session overview:

We use digital solutions every day and spend more time than we should staring at screens, yet so few of us consider the impact of digital wellbeing. In this session you will discover:

– The negative impact digital solutions can have on our wellbeing

– How smartphone use impacts mental health, focus and attention and sleep

– Steps to take to reduce your digital use and have a good relationship with your devices

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

20th June 2024, 14:00 - 14:30


Session overview:

Introduce people to the concept of what Imposter Syndrome Feelings are and when they are likely to emerge
Share ideas as to how it can impact on professional development, career progression & well being
Discuss how opening up safe spaces to discuss this can support people
Provide an example of how opening up this topic for people in work to discuss this together can help people feel better and understand more about the phenomenon

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Introduction to Neurodiversity

25th June 2024, 10:00 - 11:00


An introduction to neurodiversity and how to manage this in the workplace

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In this webinar, Martine Ellis will introduce the concept of multi-scale planning, underpinned by a wellbeing-first mindset. Learn how aligning your daily tasks with long-term personal and professional aspirations can enhance productivity. This session will show you how personal wellbeing fuels professional efficacy and provide practical strategies to manage your commitments across all timeframes – from daily routines to annual objectives.

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This webinar, in Men’s Health Week, will cover:

Core challenges facing men’s health in the UK
What support is available
How you can better support men in your workplace

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