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Our satellite centres are approved to offer regulated qualifications or accredit bespoke internal training. We also offer an Endorsed Resources Quality Mark for training resources.

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We facilitate teaching networks for Digital Skills; Advanced Practitioners & Teacher-Trainers; and Wellbeing to share good practice. We welcome a range of FE professionals to the Further Innovation Committee meeting four times per year.

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Find out about the Wellbeing Quality Mark and Digital Wellbeing Ambassador programme.

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We specialise in teaching qualifications, digital skills training and bespoke soft skills.

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To support teaching professionals and education & training providers to: be more impactful
and enhance social inclusion through collaboration.


1. Create a bigger impact by removing silos in education through changing behaviours and attitudes.  This is led by the FE Innovation Committee, the TTC Training Centre and recognition of effective wellbeing activities and processes.

2. Collaborate through networking to share knowledge, experience and resources, with opportunities to carry out action research.

3. Enhance social inclusion by approving training providers to offer qualifications and accredit their bespoke training programmes for their service-users, removing barriers to education.


To increase the number of service-users accessing qualifications, as we believe a structured and externally quality assured training course can give an individual a sense of self-belief, reduce isolation through social interaction.  In addition it can provide formal recognition for individual accomplishments.
This can be achieved by supporting teaching professionals and organisations.


Who we work with

The Association for Accredited Learning supports teaching professionals and education & training providers to collaborate, create a bigger impact and enhance social inclusion. Would you like to know more about our services, networks or training? Email training@aal-member.co.uk

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