People, Culture & Wellbeing Charter

Signing the People, Culture and Wellbeing Charter is a declaration that your organisation understands the importance of implementing person-centred initiatives, by having supportive measures for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

This declaration is your organisation’s agreement to uphold the following principles:

Principle 1: Wellbeing of people and teams

We understand the importance of supporting and developing our workforce to sustain a culture of positive health and wellbeing. We recognise that:

✔️a coherent recruitment and onboarding strategy should be inclusive and representative of a diverse workforce;

✔️training and development opportunities should meet the needs and aspirations of employees and customers;

✔️managers should be provided with the knowledge and tools, enabling confidence to support their own wellbeing, and that of their teams.

Principle 2: Wellbeing through collaboration and engagement

We understand the relevance of our employees’ lived experiences and these can be represented through:

✔️recognising opportunities for employees to share their lived experiences;

✔️allowing employees’ voices to be heard as part of strategy development;

✔️seeking opportunities to collaborate both internally and externally to enhance the wellbeing in our workplace.

Principle 3: Health and wellbeing strategy

We understand the benefits of developing health and wellbeing policies and procedures which are clear and fit for purpose. We can facilitate this by:

✔️considering our strategy for health and wellbeing in the workplace;

✔️considering our employees’ holistic needs, including wider elements such as digital, financial and environmental wellbeing;

✔️taking account of evidence informed best practice and working towards high quality industry standards.

Principle 4: Wellbeing resources and support

We understand the importance of providing a holistic programme of wellbeing resources and support. We can achieve this by:

✔️supporting employees returning to work from leave of absence;

✔️reflecting on the benefits of an inclusive wellbeing programme;

✔️evaluating our internal and external offers using appropriate measures and systems.

To support your organisation to uphold the principles, AAL will:

✔️Develop your understanding of good practice in regards to people, culture and wellbeing;

✔️Provide access to CPD opportunities which can enhance the positive culture within your organisation;

✔️ Support networking with other members;

✔️ Will provide you with the Bronze Membership logo to use on your website and marketing literature, as well as a signed copy of the People, Culture and Wellbeing Charter

✔️Support your organisation to progress for full accreditation of the People, Culture and Wellbeing Quality Mark, by the completion of the self-assessment, if this is appropriate.

Signing up to the Charter for People, Culture & Wellbeing is available for Bronze members of AAL. Full year membership is just £350 and up to two individuals from the organisation will get complimentary access to each wellbeing expert session held. The sessions are accredited by AAL for CPD purposes.

Charter Application Form

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