In launching the new Charter for People, Culture & Wellbeing, the Association for Accredited Learning (AAL) is also starting its first series of expert led wellbeing sessions. These sessions will be available to organisations committing to the new Charter, delivered by leading sector experts covering a wealth of valuable topics. 

The Summer series of starts on 4 June and runs throughout the month. Each session lasts for approximately 45 minutes. The current programme is:

4 June – Financial Wellbeing with Emma Waller

6 June – The impact of childhood experiences in the workplace with Andrea Middleton

10 June – Supporting men’s health in the workplace with Mark Brooks

11 June – Menopause: workplace challenges and solutions with Haley White

18 June – Digital Wellbeing with Sam Flynn

20 June – Overcoming imposter syndrome with Sally Beyer

25 June – Introduction to Neurodiversity with Annabelle Chester

27 June – Exploring the Role of Multi-Scale Planning in Wellbeing-Driven Productivity with Martine Ellis

These sessions are provided to all Bronze members of AAL signing up to the Charter for People, Culture & Wellbeing. Full year membership is just £350 and up to two individuals from the organisation will get complimentary access to each expert session. The sessions are accredited by AAL for CPD purposes.

You can sign up to the Charter here and start the process of becoming a member of AAL. 

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