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AAL Approved Training Provider Network (January 2024) – EDI in Education

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom

Wow what a great network we had this month! The focus of the January Network meeting was Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in education. When we consider the above, we need to consider the learners we work with, and that is why these network meetings prove to be invaluable; they give us the opportunities to develop ideas and discuss our learners in an open forum.

How do we ensure that we are being inclusive when our schools/centres are focused toward a particular group? A great conversation was had regarding the possibility and reality of ‘exclusion by inclusion’. Promoting equality, inclusion, and diversity in the classroom is fundamental to creating a positive and enriching learning environment that benefits all learners.

Together we looked at ways in which we can develop strategies to embrace the differences in our classrooms and share knowledge through different cultures, backgrounds and stories. This included discussions around inclusive curriculum design, differentiated teaching methods, promotion of positive interactions, but most of all being able to cultivate a safe and supportive environment for our learners to thrive.

Lisa Bowdery, Quality Manager

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