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AAL Approved Training Provider Network (October 2023) – AI in Education


Using resources in education and the use and misuse of AI in an educational setting

Resourcing courses can be a potential minefield, and with so many websites out there offering resources, how do you decide which ones are suitable for your learners? In this month’s network, we explored the importance of finding or making the right resources for our learners; and also the importance of workload and how reinventing the wheel is not always the best way!

There are many fabulous places with readymade resources for a wide range of courses, from Maths and English to more vocational qualifications, such as Employability Skills.  In the network I shared a variety of well-known sources. In addition, we discussed the importance of understanding ‘one size does not fit all’.  Plus ensuring our resources are differentiated and fit for purpose.

With the recent OFQUAL focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), we had an in depth discussion around the positive use of AI to support learners and teachers in the classroom, but also the dangers of breaching the grey area into the misuse of AI and the risks associated with this.

The use of AI in educational settings holds great potential for enhancing learning experiences, personalising education, and improving administrative processes. However, like any powerful tool, AI can be susceptible to misuse. Ensuring teacher assessment is at the forefront will help combat this; changes to assessment methods, and even Q and A sessions with our learners can help identify where possible misuse of AI has occurred.  Striking a balance, addressing biases, ensuring privacy, and providing adequate training are crucial to realising the full potential of AI in education while minimising potential pitfalls.

Lisa Bowdery, Quality Manager

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