Wellbeing Quality Mark

The Wellbeing Quality Mark is a framework supporting organisations to increase employee engagement through health and wellbeing approaches, embedded in daily operational and overarching strategy. It provides an opportunity to self-assess against 20 standards across four principles.

Working with a consultant, an organisation will explore the impact of wellbeing activities, resilience support for management, opportunities to strengthen the ‘employee voice’ and workload planning. The Wellbeing Quality Mark is awarded for three years with supportive annual consultations.

Principle 1: Wellbeing of People & Teams
Principle 2: Wellbeing through Collaboration & Engagement
Principle 3: Wellbeing Strategy & Vision
Principle 4: Wellbeing Activities, Resources & Agencies

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The Wellbeing Quality Mark is valid for three years, which includes annual supportive consultations.  The fee is £3,500.

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