Wellbeing Quality Mark

The Wellbeing Quality Mark is a framework supporting organisations increase employee engagement through health and wellbeing approaches, embedded in daily operational and overarching strategy. Staff wellbeing is critical to maintaining a cohesive, committed and effective workforce. This can be achieved through wellbeing activities/training, supporting a work-life balance and modelling digital wellbeing.
The AAL Wellbeing Quality Mark provides external validation to stakeholders that an organisation has demonstrated impactful wellbeing opportunities, policies and processes.

Organisations are invited to self-assess against 4 principles and 20 standards, with documentary evidence, evaluating how wellbeing is embedded at operational and strategic levels. Working with a consultant, an organisation will explore its impact of wellbeing activities, including resilience support for management, opportunities for the ‘employee voice’ and workload planning to enable a positive work-life balance. Supportive assessments on digital wellbeing in relation to policy and communication will be conducted, in addition to an evaluation of inclusive and accessible wellbeing activities/training. The consultant will review policies and procedures to analyse the implementation of wellbeing systems employed within an organisation. The comprehensive report may highlight areas of best practice, recommendations for quality improvements or conditions for action planning to achieve the external validation.

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The Wellbeing Quality Mark is valid for three years, which includes annual supportive consultations.

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