Use the Self-Assessment Framework to evaluate your current approach to employee health and wellbeing. The Framework is based on four overarching principles, supported by 16 criteria and delivered through 50 Standards. During the assessment, you will work with an experienced People, Culture & Wellbeing Mentor, explore how gaps can be addressed and best practice enhanced as you progress toward full accreditation. We will provide a written report which will help with your overall strategy for people, culture and wellbeing.

People, Culture & Wellbeing

Self-Assessment Framework

Principle 1 - Wellbeing of People & Teams

This principle explores recruitment and retention, identifying opportunities for staff to progress and analysing reasons for them leaving and absenteeism. It concentrates on retaining highly skilled staff, considering learning and development for all staff including aspiring managers.

Principle 2 - Wellbeing through Collaboration & Engagement

This principle examines how the staff voice is heard and involved in decision making processes.  It encourages networking and environmental sustainability in the workplace.

Principle 3 - Health and Wellbeing Strategy

This principle considers the supportive processes an organisation has to enable effective performance.  It considers motivations through flexibility and innovation. Existing accreditations are built upon, with impact measurements.

Principle 4 - Wellbeing Resources and Support

This principle identifies how wide-ranging and inclusive your wellbeing offering is, and the impact it has on individuals.  It explores how your organisation can signpost and network with external agencies.  It recognises equality and celebrates diversity through inclusive practice.

Our Mentors & Associates

Emma Waller
People, Culture & Wellbeing Mentor

Emma is the founder of MoneyMinded, a highly successful financial wellbeing organisation delivering content, training and workshop delivery. She is an award-winning financial wellbeing consultant with extensive experience of supporting people to improve their financial knowledge, skills and behaviours. Emma works across private, public and voluntary sectors, designing and delivering financial wellbeing programmes for commercial clients, charities and community groups.

Most notably Emma co-authored Martin Lewis’s “Your Money Matters” book. She provides content and training for a number of national organisations including the NHS and other government departments, high street retailers and national charities.

Emma regularly delivers financial wellbeing workshops in the workplace and in community settings, she also provides support to schools and colleges, helping them embed financial education across the curriculum. Emma also has over 20 years’ experience in education, firstly as a Teacher of Economics and Business, followed by roles in Senior Leadership as Director of Learning and Assistant Principal responsible for performance and standards.

Haley White
People, Culture & Wellbeing Mentor

Haley White is a trainer, facilitator and public speaker, with a focus on workplace wellbeing training.

With a degree in Business Psychology and an MSc in Organisational Psychology, lived experience of mental health issues and having run a wellbeing centre in Greece, Haley is well placed to support organisations to become happier and more productive places to be.

She has multi-sector experience having worked across the following areas during her career:
• private
• not-for-profit
• education
• local authority
• central government
• international development

This has led to a deep understanding of organisations and the importance of mental health at work. For example, Haley has worked with the construction industry to help tackle the stigma around men’s mental health.
In 2021, Haley discovered she was perimenopausal and like a lot of women, didn’t really know what this meant. Through her exploration, she discovered there are over 6.5 million menopausal women in the UK workforce, and a staggering 900,000 of them have left their jobs due to inadequate support.
Haley realised that something needed to be done and so she created Menospace, a menopause training and consultancy organisation.
Haley is on a mission to normalise the conversations around menopause at work.

Some of the organisations Haley has worked with include NHS, Colt Technology, Wates Construction, Queen Mary University, Thames Water, BBC, Dentons Solicitors, and Mind

Glenn Bowering
Associate Coach

I find immense satisfaction in facilitating new ways of thinking and helping individuals find clarity. We may never have certainty, but through working together, we can clearly understand what you want to achieve and how to get there.

My clients are individuals who share a deep desire for self-improvement and the well-being of themselves and others. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed by priorities, or simply yearning for a renewed sense of direction. Together, we can explore what truly matters to you and develop strategies to achieve a way forward.

I combine a person-centred approach that values your unique experiences with a solution-focused perspective to help you identify practical steps towards your desired outcomes. Think of me as both an empathetic supporter and a gentle challenger, guiding you to uncover your own inner strength and wisdom.

Dr Amal Ahmadi
'Leadership Knowing-Doing Gap' Trainer

I am a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (FHEA) with 10+ years
experience in academia and consulting, working with a range of clients
from the public, private and third sectors. I am an author and speaker,
and work as a Lecturer and Programme Director at Henley Business
School, University of Reading. I worked in banking and finance prior to
pursuing my doctorate and academic career.

I am passionate about making a difference to people and organisations
through research and teaching. My areas of interest and expertise
include leadership, leadership development, personal development,
entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

Clare Williams
Associate - Trainer

Clare is a primary teacher and educational psychotherapist, author, speaker and advocate for children’s mental health and wellbeing.
Clare has worked in primary schools in East London, Dorset and the SouthWest as well as various schools across the country. Her career developed as she became an advisor for schools in East Africa and continued in an advisory role in mental health and education services and within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Clare qualified as an Educational Psychotherapist and completed her MA in Therapeutic Education in 2007 and is a UKCP registered psychotherapist.
Clare has been a trainer and consultant at national conferences and has led training in attachment, emotional wellbeing and mental health as an Education consultant and whilst working within NHS CAMHS, Dorset. She was a consultant trainer for the Institute of Education, London, and a lead trainer for the Education Development Association, at Homerton College, Cambridge, providing courses in behaviour management for overseas teachers.
Clare works with a passion to enrich and challenge circumstances for children with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. She seeks to ensure that their emotional wellbeing and mental health are at the heart of their experience in schools, enabling them to thrive.

Helen Gordon
Leadership Coach and Mentor

Coaching services

Helen has coached senior leaders, and those aspiring to leadership positions in the NHS, charities, professional associations and in commercial organisations for over 16 years.

Helen’s approach embodies the principle that people are inherently powerful and resourceful and bring their whole selves to their leadership role. Her coaching sessions help an individual access their abilities to think better and draw on their own resources to make positive change and address important issues in their life and work.

Coaching sessions are currently offered online for 1-2 hours and can be bought separately or as a package.

Mentoring services

Helen has mentored others throughout her career, offering guidance, advice and support that draws on her many years of management, leadership and board level experience, in both executive and non-executive positions.

Mentoring sessions are currently offered online in hourly sessions and can be bought separately or as a package.


Building on her experience as a leader, coach and mentor, Helen can provide bespoke support to boards and teams, facilitating critical discussions and supporting individual and team development using a coaching approach.

More about Helen

Helen has always been committed to supporting individuals and teams with their development throughout her career. She has coached a wide range of leaders in health, science, charities, professional associations and commercial organisations, with a specific focus on senior leaders at, or aspiring to, board level. She holds a Level 7 Diploma for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors from the Institute of Leadership and Management
Helen has served as President of Council University of Reading since August 2022 having been a member of Council from 2017. In addition, she is a trustee of the charity Arts Enterprise for Social Purpose and was appointed a non-executive director of IDG Group in January 2024. She has contributed to higher education governance for some time, having served as a governor at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, which is now a University, for nine years before joining University of Reading.
From February 2019 to August 2023, Helen was the Chief Executive of the Science Council, responsible for setting standards for professional registration for scientists and technicians working in science, plus supporting a broad network of 36 professional bodies in science on areas of interdisciplinary science interest.

Originally training as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, she progressed through a number of clinical and managerial positions in hospitals in the National Health Service, before leading The Hillingdon Hospital and then Queen Mary’s Sidcup NHS Trust in Southeast London as Chief Executive.

She then moved to national CEO roles to support the development of health professionals. Between 2005 and 2018, Helen led the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Royal Society of Medicine.
She was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2013, an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Reading in 2016, and a Honorary Doctorate of Science from City, University of London in 2019. Helen is a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute.
Helen is also a keen saxophonist and scuba diver.
May 2024

Mehvish Shaffi-Ajibola
People, Culture & Wellbeing Mentor

Mehvish is a distinguished and nationally recognised senior Human Resources (HR) & Organisational Development (OD) professional with a wealth of experience. As a mentor, she has been instrumental in supporting businesses to foster organisational values, enhance behaviours, and optimise both people and business performance. Mehvish is the recipient of a prestigious national award for Inspiring Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, recognised at the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Health and Social Care Awards in 2021.
As the Founder and CEO of Socially Inspired Ltd, a boutique consultancy, Mehvish offers a unique approach to supporting organisational change and transformation. Her mission is to positively impact and empower the workforce and leaders, driving forward the cause for social change.
Mehvish has led transformative initiatives such as the Workforce Race Equality Standards national culture pilot program and reciprocal mentoring efforts. She has been instrumental in spearheading various organisational culture strategies, including embedding a just and learning culture, ensuring that all staff feel a deep sense of belonging and inclusivity.
As a dedicated mentor and leader, Mehvish is passionate about partnering with organisations to implement effective change management and transformation. Her strategic acumen and creativity have led to the development of strategies that enhance business, people, and resource productivity, including programs that have significantly improved staff experience and heightened engagement.
Mehvish has developed and conducted training programs that elevate the competency and capabilities of the workforce, including educating leaders and organisations about critical concepts such as power, privilege, trust, and connection. Proficient in managing complex and challenging behaviours, Mehvish excels in identifying common purpose and employing conflict resolution practices to foster harmonious work environments. She is dedicated to integrating an inclusive and diverse approach across all OD interventions and offerings within organisations.
Additionally, Mehvish serves as an external advisor for the Royal College of Nursing’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, further demonstrating her commitment to fostering inclusive environments.

Martine Ellis
People, Culture & Wellbeing Mentor

Martine Ellis is a leading expert in wellbeing-driven productivity, committed to helping ambitious professionals achieve success without sacrificing their mental health and wellbeing.

Following a successful senior leadership career in finance, Martine retrained as a teacher. Although fulfilling, this career change initially led to burnout. By adopting a wellbeing-first mindset and developing effective productivity strategies, she thrived for the rest of her 15-year education career, the latter half of which was spent leading professional development and teacher education.

Today, Martine uses her extensive experience to support a diverse professional audience, offering practical strategies that ensure success without compromising mental health and wellbeing.

A Chartered Teacher with Advanced Teacher Status, Martine is recognised for her thought leadership and writes and speaks for national and international audiences. She is committed to providing professionals with the tools to blend wellbeing into their productivity, ensuring their work enhances their overall quality of life.

Dr Barbara Van der Eecken​
Quality expert and leadership coach

Barbara has over 30 years of experience in the Further Education and Skills sector. Her journey has taken her through Colleges, Adult Education, Independent Training Providers, and Universities. Initially, she spent 15 years as a dedicated Modern Foreign Languages lecturer and as her career evolved, she assumed various management and senior leadership roles, covering diverse provision and delivery types. Her areas of expertise include strategic leadership, governance, quality assurance, and improvement. Barbara’s work aligns with the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) Professional Standards and recognised quality frameworks.​
Barbara’s passion lies in developing individuals, educators, managers and senior leaders. She believes that thriving professionals lead to thriving organisations. Leveraging her extensive network and deep understanding of growth mindset, Barbara guides individuals and businesses toward success. She employs effective diagnostic tools to set clear goals and drive progress.
Trusted organisations, including the Association of Colleges, value her expertise. Barbara leads the AoC Senior Leadership Development Programme and leads on the Bespoke Apprenticeship Workforce Development Programme (AWD). As a strategic adviser with the Pacific Institute® and an accredited user of the BluePrint Toolset®, she delivers the powerful Leading with Impact programme. Barbara also presents webinars, speaks at conferences and collaborates directly with clients to find the right quality solution for them. ​
Through collective thinking, she (co-)creates solutions, assesses and challenges current ways of working, coaches individuals and shares recognised good practice. Barbara’s formula—curiosity, collaboration, action, and reflection—fuels progress and makes things happen.

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