Lived Experience Academy

We all have Lived Experience.

It is how we use these experiences to create meaning for ourselves and others.

Our Lived Experience Academy offers a range of opportunities, from training to become an accredited Lived Experience Speaker, qualified Peer Mentor or learning more about being Support Group Lead. All are centred around empowerment, confidence, competence and safety. Widening the impact within the communities you are a part of.

We are here to guide your professional and personal development in how you can shape, structure and share your story effectively.

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What people are saying

"If you have lived experience from an addiction or a life experience I would highly recommend this course to ensure you can shape your story to be effectively delivered to your desired target audience."

"Our trainer was fantastic, caring, attentive to our needs and very clear in terms of expectations. She was a great facilitator who made the experience even better."

When we as humans are put under a spotlight the pressure to be perfect intensifies and adds stress to situation, but throughout the course we were reminded that our well being come first. That made me realise that there is no wrong or right way to tell your story, its yours, and its ok to take pauses, laugh at yourself or change the intensity of your share whenever you feel too."

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