Apply to AAL to have your training endorsed and issue your delegates with CPD certification

AAL CPD Certification shows your delegates that your content has been externally validated. Certificates showcase a delegate’s new or refreshed knowledge and skills within a particular sector, recognising you as a Provider.

Become an AAL CPD Provider

Whether you’re an Employer delivering in-house training or a Training Provider working with external delegates, the impact of awarding certificates can offer individuals recognition for their achievement, engagement and performance.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is available in many different formats, ranging from staff development days, workshops, webinars, on-demand training to conferences.  

As an AAL CPD Provider, we will work with you to ensure the CPD you offer is of the highest standard. 

AAL CPD Certificates will give your delegates confidence to know your content has been externally validated.  Certificates are available electronically or as hardcopy.  AAL CPD Certification showcases a delegate’s new or refreshed knowledge and skills within a particular sector.

Endorsed Resources Quality Mark 

To remain at the forefront of professional practice, the resources and materials offered by organisations need to be of a high standard and quality that stakeholders can trust.

The Endorsed Resources Quality Mark provides validation for stakeholders that a resource has been through a rigorous quality assurance review, is of a high quality and value.

For a resource to be endorsed it must meet the standards for our four Principles covering:

1.Focused content;

2.Accessibility and Inclusivity;

3.Stakeholder and Resource Planning;

4.Evaluation and Branding.

An Endorsed Resource may include toolkits, manuals, handbooks and digital sources, such as videos and interactive online resources. It can also include marketing materials for professional development days, such as conferences and lunchtime learning.

AAL CPD Providers

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