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Science Council – People, Culture & Wellbeing Awards


It was a pleasure to meet with the Science Council at their London office. I had the privilege of joining their Team Meeting. The Science Council had been awarded the People, Culture & Wellbeing quality mark in March 2022 but due to the pandemic, handing them their Award had been delayed. It was therefore an amazing opportunity to get together with the team and hear the impact the Self-Assessment Framework had on their working practices and progress made since the accreditation.

People, Culture & Wellbeing - Accreditation

“It is very important to the Science Council to focus on staff wellbeing, it is not only the right thing to do as a mark of recognition, respect and support for team members, but it also brings out the best in us. I am delighted that we have received the quality mark, as a shared acknowledgement of our approach, and a commitment to continuous improvement in how we work together in a supportive and successful way. The Science Council is proud to have been recognised for its commitment to staff wellbeing and will strive to adapt and improve based on their future needs.”

Helen Gordon, Chief Executive
Science Council

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